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Epilepsy Discord server

What is Discord? 

Discord is a free text and voice chat app. You can access Discord on your desktop or mobile device. Once downloaded, you can join a chat you’ve been invited to or create private servers and invite friends to chat by voice, text or video. You can also message each other individually or in group chats with up to ten other friends. 

Discord is different than other social platforms like Twitter or Reddit, in that people come to Discord to build private, invite-only groups. All conversations are opt-in, so anyone not interested in chatting have a variety of tools at their disposal: 

  • Choose who can direct message you 

  • Choose who can add you as a friend 

  • Choose what servers you want to partake in 

  • Choose whether or not to block another person 

  • Choose whether or not to scan and delete direct messages with explicit content 

  • Choose who can join your server 

  • Choose security and verification levels on your server 

Originally designed as a way gamers could communicate (which is why you might notice the game store), Discord has expanded to communities looking to talk about similar interests. 

Epilepsy Discord server 

The epilepsy community Discord server is overseen by Epilepsy Action. It’s a safe place for people living with epilepsy and their carers. This community is designed so you can chat with others, get epilepsy support and ask Epilepsy Action questions. 

Do you need epilepsy support? The #epilepsy-support channel is for you. Want to ask Epilepsy Action a question? Head to #questions-for-epilepsy-action. Do you want to talk in general about TV, gaming, movies, music, fitness? We have channels for that as well! 

Sounds great, how do I join? 

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Discord app. You can download for desktop or mobile on the button below. 

Once downloaded, you can join the epilepsy community server by heading to epilepsy.org.uk/discord - this should give you an invite to the server. Accept and you’re good to go. You can also use Discord with limited functionality on web browsers.

Please read the rules and FAQ in the #welcome-rules-faq channel and come say hi in the #general channel! 

If you are having problems joining the server, please email website@epilepsy.org.uk.

Event Date: 
Friday 17 May 2019

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