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A genomics revolution

Prof Deb Pal and epilepsy genetics counsellor Stephanie Oates describe the way genomics has enriched our epilepsy understanding, and look at possible future treatments and the importance of careful counselling.

Language of epilepsy

Prof Appleton considers some of the ambiguous and confusing terms used in epilepsy, their potential for misunderstanding and impact this could have on patient care.

A history of stress

Dr Christophe Bernard looks at the way a history of stress may cause a vulnerability to epilepsy and comorbidities in some individuals, and suggests what future treatments there may be.

Ultra long-term EEG

Dr Duun-Henriksen and Prof Richardson look at a new device for ultra long-term EEG recording. They discuss the practicalities, value and potential issues around using such a device to more accurately establish seizure frequency and activity.

Tribute to Prof Graham Harding

Professor Graham Frederick Anthony Harding died in October 2018. Professor Stefano Seri remembers his colleague and friend.

And much more in the Summer 2019 issue of Epilepsy Professional

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