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Everyone’s epilepsy story is unique, and sharing your story helps others know they are not alone.

These are inspiring stories; of being diagnosed, over-coming challenges, fundraising and much, much more. Please share your story too.

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I have not always suffered from epilepsy and I left school, started work, learned to drive etc as most people. I was then affected by epilepsy and the inability to drive plus the feeling of "being...


I was first diagnosed at 16 & my epilepsy was unremarkable - medication gave me good control. I worked & went about my life without a second thought. Suddenly it all changed. When I was 21...


to keep going.I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was thirteen years old.

Since then I have successfully achieved many goals. These include:
taking part in an eight week...

being able to read as good as my school friends.

I'm eight years old, but this time last year I struggled with my reading and was 2 years behind my class mates.

After lots of hard...

I'm now an excellent reader

Becoming a fully qualified counsellor and running my own busy private practice despite never being able to complete my A-Levels or Degree due to returns of my epilepsy.

Having epilepsy made...


My greatest ever achievement was taking part in an indoor sky dive.

I'm 10 years old I have had epilepsy since I was 6 years old, and thats when i had to go on medicine. I've now been told...

Indoor Skydive

...climbing Kilimanjaro.

I've been an epileptic since I was 17 following an accident playing rugby. I'm now 45 and in all that time my greatest achievement has to be when I completed a...

Climbed Kilimajaro

My greatest achievement is a happy family. I was diagnosed with epilepsy after having a foramen magnum decompression surgery for a chiari 1 malformation in March 2010. Tonic Clonic and Absent...

It's twins

Having a happy life.

Looking back on life there have been many ups and downs and epilepsy has manifested itself in a number of different ways. However, with good support, despite failing...

Not letting epilepsy get in my way Although I have epilepsy, I have tried to never let it stop me from following my dreams. One of my main achievements was having a great time at university, both...

University in Germany and Wales

My greatest achievement was being awarded Chartered Legal Executive status on 23 April this year. Chartered Legal Executives can now become Partners and Judges and therefore stand side by side...

Chartered legal executive York

My big achievement happened this year, when I completed a Bsc (hons) Health and Social Care, with The Open University.

The degree itself took six years to complete and a lot of hard work....

Degree triumph

My six year old son, Samuel has an undiagnosed seizure condition, and has many varying forms of seizures. He also randomly goes into status epilepticus and has to be hospitalised.


Learned to play a note on his keyboard

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