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How I find it to fight epilepsy

When I was just 15 I was diagnosed with epilepsy - it took 4 years to diagnose me with it. I'm now 17.

When I was 11 I had my first seizure, which started off as absence seizures. Once my class found out they started to take the mick out off me and laugh every time I had one, then when I turned 15 I had the next stage one which put me in hospital.

I remember coming from my bedroom going to the bathroom to get ready for school one morning, but just managing to make it back to my bed, I'm guessing just before passing out having a seizure, because all I remember after that is these two grow male paramedics sat on my bed next to me while I'm laid down.

We waited an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive. By then I had another one, where by the time I came out of that one I had 4 paramedics in my room. I got rushed to hospital that morning with the lights and sirens on, but over the past few years it has gotten worse and worse.

I've now been diagnosed with 5 different types of seizures as my epilepsy has spread from my left side of the brain to my right.

I've had thoughts on suicide because I'd like to put an end to the pain I go through every day. People think you have a seizure and you are fine, but its what come after, the tiredness, the bruises, breaks, cuts, all sorts of things we can't help. We end up having hospital stays from time to time because of this disorder but we don't want to, so why pic on us for having it?

I'm writing a book about living with epilepsy and I'm going to publish it.

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