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Lisa Wainwright

I have been having seizures for around ten years now, my husband, family and friends are all aware of the procedure should they witness me having a seizure.

My little girl Esme has recently turned four, since around the age of three we’ve tried to explain more to her about my epilepsy, she’s seen me have fits, but fortunately another adult has always been present. She’s always taken it in her stride and says ‘Mummy’s brain goes to sleep.’

In June, my worst fear became a reality, at home alone with my four year old and one year old girls, a seizure struck.

As always, I remember nothing, but when I came round, I was covered with a blanket and Esme was holding my hand.

Her Nana soon came to the door and started to fill in the blanks.

I had a seizure, Esme covered me with a blanket, and entertained her baby sister with toys.

My husband Ash phoned my mobile and Esme answered explaining ‘Mummy’s brain has gone to sleep.’

We are very lucky that Ash’s Mum lives around the corner and was able to come straight round to help.

I am so proud of Esme, she stayed so calm and remembered what we had taught her- she really is my hero!

Lisa Wainwright
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