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Caroline Baillie

Our lives completely changed on the 21st December 2017.

I was having breakfast with my 2 year old daughter Eve before we set out to her playgroup Christmas party. As I spoon fed her yoghurt (to save her spilling it on party clothes) her eyes went blank. At first I thought she was just being silly but then, to my horror she started to topple over and fall to the floor.

I grabbed hold of her and held her in my arms, her whole body was shaking. I shouted upstairs to my husband and older daughter to phone an ambulance. We lay her down in the recovery position and checked her mouth. It was at least 15 minutes before she came round. I was desperately shouting for the ambulance to hurry up. 20 mins after I first phoned the ambulance arrived. Our daughter was just waking up and began to cry .It was the best sound I've ever heard.

We were taken straight into hospital where she was given an ECG which was all clear. She seemed to have recovered quickly and was doing well. My husband and I went outside for some fresh air, leaving my best friend and older daughter in the ward with Eve. My older daughter came running out to say it had happened again. We rushed back inside to find her surrounded by people.

She was admitted into the ward where further blood tests were done. After another sleep she was fine again. I settled down on the ward with her but at 5 pm she fell over and was shaking again.

This was when the Dr first mentioned Epilepsy to us. It had never entered our minds that it was fits she was having. It was almost a relief to hear it was epilepsy. The same evening she was started on anti epilepsy drugs. We took her home the next day. All of us are fearful to leave her alone even for a second.

A few weeks later we noticed she seemed to be staring into space a lot. I spoke to some very special people on the NSE website and at Epilepsy Action. We returned to the hospital to be told she was now having absence seizures.These were not as scary as the tonic clonic ones but it was still heart-breaking to see our daughter going through this.

Two and a half years on and we're still struggling with it all. Our days are much more relaxed now and Eve is still having the odd seizure. She sleeps in a bed right next to us so we can keep a close eye on her. Eve started nursery and is doing well although she does have some problems.

Caroline Baillie
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