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Joseph Ansari

Hi Everyone, my is Joseph and i suffer from Epilepsy since birth. My seizure was at the age of 9 months. I am 25 years old now and I have tried all the medicine but non have worked. When I was in primary, everyone was scared of me until I went to university, they were calling me names like zombie and didn't want me around. When I joined sports club like tennis, football takewondo and swimming they kicked me out because the coach said we haven't got time for you to disturb the session each time you have seizure, it not fair on the other students so don't come anymore. So I couldn't join any sports club.

I did work experience at tv company and the stopped me from coming into the studio only in production. Other companies just didn't accept me with reason i have seizure and can ruin there company. I was working as a steward and they kicked me out because of my condition. Even as a pharmacist dispenser. I wasn't allowed to deliver the medicine but they forced me to deliver then i had a seizure and the medicine got lost and they blamed me and kicked me out.

My relatives are scared of me and wouldn't go out with me unless my mum tells them you can go out with him especially my mum's friends, what ever my mum says they listen but if i say they don't care or listen. I did a medicine project on epilepsy during my University with Autism. Doctor, Nurses and university was shocked how i managed to finish university with my seizures.

Joseph Ansari
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