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Leanne hopes to raise £2,500 for Epilepsy Action in this year's London Marathon.

Her son, Morgan, six, has severe and difficult to treat epilepsy. Morgan started having seizures when he was three. He can have up to 100 seizures a day. Despite trying many different epilepsy medicines, Morgan’s doctors have not found a medicine that controls his epilepsy. He recently had a vagus nerve stimulator implanted. The device, which is similar to a pace-maker, sends impulses to the brain which help to prevent the electrical activity that causes seizures.

Leanne, said: “Over the past three years, we have experienced first-hand how much epilepsy can affect a family. Seeing Morgan have a seizure is horrible, I feel completely powerless. Running the London Marathon for Epilepsy Action is a great way to help other families like us.

“I started running a few years ago to lose a few pounds and it has fast become a brilliant way to get some ‘me’ time and let off steam. I am extremely grateful to my husband who has supported me with my marathon training. This is my first ever marathon, but I am confident that it will be an amazing and really emotional experience.”

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